Ever heard the term, “vote with your wallet?”

With every purchase you make, you cast a vote. But the concept goes far beyond outrage over advertising campaigns and politically-charged public opinion. The vote you cast with your hard-earned dollars begins in your community. When you patronize businesses rooted in Colorado you’re casting a vote in favor of Colorado. And while every dollar is a drop in the pan, they all add up to stronger and more sustainable communities – from local employment opportunities to the tax dollars that fund your schools, police, sports teams, and infrastructure. Unfortunately – the same can’t be said for the money you spend with the world’s largest corporate giants. Next time you have the choice, consider the local option. Cast a vote for Colorado.

Cooperatives exist to contribute to this local impact. Learn more about how cooperatives help build a better world (and a better Colorado) with the infographic below! Looking for a cooperative near you? Try out our co-op locator!



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