CoBank is a national cooperative bank based out of Denver, Colorado. CoBank services the agribusiness, water, communications, and power industries across rural America by providing them with loans, leases, export financing, and other financial services.

CoBank is a member of the Farm Credit System, a national network of banks and retail lending associations that support rural borrowers and has been for more than 100 years. Congress formed this system in 1916 to fill the need for long-term agricultural credit.

Farm Credit System has a variety of customers:

  • Agricultural Producers
  • Young, Beginning & Small Farmers
  • Rural Infrastructure Providers
  • Farmer-Owned Cooperatives & Other Agribusinesses
  • Rural Homebuyers
  • Agriculture Exports

Farm Credit’s network has 73 customer-owned financial institutions that provide financial services to this variety of customers. These customers add up to about 500,000 nationwide.

On top of this, CoBank bank has a Growing Rural America initiative that helps promote the success of US agriculture by supporting small cooperatives and rural infrastructure providers, young and beginning farmers served by Farm Credit Associations, local food markets, and rural communities.

Reasons to bank with CoBank:

  1. Support for Agriculture and Local Foods: CoBank endorses many programs such as the Corbin Hill Food Project. This initiative helps bring fresh produce to communities in New York.
  2. Corporate Giving: CoBank has a program called Sharing Success, that matches any contributions its cooperative customers make to nonprofit organizations between the amounts of $1,000 to $5,000. CoBank also aligns with many non-profit organizations such as American Red Cross, Mile High United Way, and Food Bank of the Rockies.
  3. Cooperative Advocacy and Industry Support: CoBank supports over 250 industry organizations.
  4. Research and Higher Education: CoBank provides scholarships to college students studying agribusiness, finance, or related fields. It also supports industry research and provides financial support for university centers that focus on the study and advancement of cooperatives.
  5. Rural Community Development: CoBank is a sponsor of America’s Best Communities, a 3 year competition designed to help cities & towns throughout rural America.
  6. Sustainability and The Environment: CoBank has a $1.8 billion renewable energy portfolio that consists of biofuels, wind, biomass, hydro, landfill gas and solar energies.

Over the past 5 years, CoBank has donated nearly $800,000 to NRECA International. NRECA International has developed programs for women, men and children in developing countries. These programs provide reliable and affordable electricity, support economic growth, improve healthcare and better education.  This past year, members of CoBank travelled to Haiti to volunteer their time supporting NRECA International’s It Starts With Power initiative. Members of CoBank not only provided generous donations, but also donated their time.

CoBank Resources

CoBank is not only very philanthropic, but they also support the general public by providing resources and education! CoBank has extremely useful tools on their website such as upcoming industry and association meetings, Knowledge Exchange, and more. They have intelligent experts informing members and the general public. This highly developed and informative website is just another reason you should bank with this great bank!

CoBank’s Knowledge Exchange is a knowledge-sharing program that consists of industry-leading research. The information on CoBank’s Knowledge Exchange section is categorized. The public can subscribe to any or all categories to get recent reports and information!

These categories are:

  • Animal Protein
  • Communications
  • Dairy
  • Grain & Farm Supply
  • Power, Energy & Water
  • Specialty Crops

Within all these categories there are articles going back to about 2011. Examples of some of the more recent reports that KED’s experts research and create are below:

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