What is Wayfinder Co-op?

Shared workspace is on the rise across the nation, and even worldwide with the number of coworking members projected to rise to 3.8 million by 2020 and 5.1 million by 2022. With more companies embracing telecommuting, and freelancing gigs growing exponentially in popularity, people are re-imagining the meaning of workspace. The flexibility and convenience of co-working is great, but what if instead of just sharing space, workers could share ownership, and profits, and inspiration? One company in Denver is doing just that.

Wayfinder Co-op is a cooperative co-working space, which they explain, “creates value by bringing together lots of small businesses under a single roof and leverages our collective resources to support each of our members.” The cooperative structure is different than that of your local food co-op, or credit union. Rather, Wayfinder Co-op operates as a purchasing cooperative, enabling its members to keep office space costs low while building community and sharing resources.   

Shared Workspace Membership at Wayfinder Co-op

Located in Santa Fe Arts District just south of downtown Denver, Wayfinder Co-op is a community for those inspired by the outdoors. Co-op membership is available for brands and individuals working in the outdoor space. Examples of current members include: Iconic Adventures, The Trek, Big Fish Collective, and Desta. While the co-op membership is designed for “for anybody that works in the outdoor or recreation industry and looking for an inspiring home for their passion-driven business.” You don’t have to be a member in order to enjoy Wayfinder Co-op’s outdoorsy inspiration. The Coworking Membership is available “for anybody inspired by the outdoors, beautiful artwork, craft coffee/beer, and an amazing community.”

Event Space at Wayfinder Co-op

In addition to shared workspace, Wayfinder can also be used as an event space! Your guests can enjoy a collection of rotating art, and drinks from an in-house cafe/bar. Amenities of the space include:

  • 200 watt speaker / mic
  • 35 folding chairs
  • Wifi / hardwire connection
  • Presentation stage
  • Moveable whiteboards
  • Multiple event spaces (including outdoor area)
  • On-site parking lot
  • In-house cafe / bar
  • Kitchenette
  • Flexible layout with rearrangable lounge furniture
  • Projector screen (120”) / HD projector

In the Denver area and want to become a member or use the event space?  Learn more about Wayfinder Co-op here.