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Cooperative businesses have an impact on the Boulder economy, people and community. All cooperatives, or co-ops, are built upon The Seven Cooperative Principles – one of which is “Concern for Community” This means that by the very nature of their business structure, co-ops have a commitment to serve the community and the people who live in it. Find co-ops near Boulder to contribute to the growth of your Colorado community.  



Credit Unions in Boulder

The Credit Unions in Boulder allow members to own their banking! Credit Unions aren’t owned by outside investors, they are owned by the people who bank there. These financial institutions exist to benefit your Boulder community, and the more successful the credit union becomes, the more benefits are passed on to its members! Profits earned on interest and fees go back into the credit unions and their members, rather than outside investors. There are many credit unions to choose from in Boulder! Check out an example below.

Elevations Credit Union– Elevations Credit Union is a member-owned not-for-profit financial institution serving Colorado’s Front Range. This credit union has been serving members since its founding in 1953, and has grown from 12 members and less than $100 in assets to an institution with more than 120,000 members that manages over $1.8 billion in assets. Elevations Credit Union is the number one credit union mortgage lender in Colorado.

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Premier Members Credit Union: Premier Members Credit Union is committed to their membership and serving and supporting our local communities. Between their full range of financial products, warm and friendly staff, and the countless services built to provide membership with everything they need, there’s no limit to what Premier Members Credit Union can do for you!

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Boulder Co-ops Serve the Following Zip Codes

80510 (Allenspark)
80481 (Bark Ranch)
80310 (Boulder)
80305 (Boulder)
80303 (Boulder)
80301 (Boulder)
80304 (Boulder)
80302 (Boulder)
80025 (Eldorado Springs)
80516 (Erie)
80455 (Jamestown)
80026 (Lafayette)
80503 (Longmont)
80501 (Longmont)
80027 (Louisville)
80540 (Lyons)
80466 (Nederland)
80544 (Niwot)
80471 (Pinecliffe)


Why Do Business With Boulder Co-ops?

Co-ops are owned and controlled by their members. That means that profits are reinvested or distributed to members, instead of solely benefiting corporate entities or investors who often live outside of the Boulder community. Boulder co-ops return their surplus revenue directly to their members based on co-op membership and involvement.

Find the Best Local Co-op Businesses

There are hundreds of co-ops around Boulder. Local co-ops can be difficult to discover because they often look like typical commercial businesses. But, they are doing business differently – just ask their members! Find a co-op near you to learn more about the exclusive member benefits for co-op members.

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